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Spring Clean from KatWolf's blog

Spring Is Here


Time For A Spring Clean


So I though I would write a little something down ...


The Easter Weekend has not long passed and another Mothers Day gone in England


Though there are great sadness' as well as great times of joy in connection with the above metioned

occasions, I am not here to write about these occasions, I am here to write

about a Spring Clean (or at least the start I have made on Spring Cleaning).


It's important to vent - to find a window to vent, when you get the urge.

Acting on urges can sometimes be a good thing




I am unsure of what the exact time it is though I do know the clocks went forward

'Spring forward and Fall back'

is the saying that best helps us to remember.



A spring clean should be about more than just material things I feel.


So I started with my feet

Yes MY FEET !!!!


Spring is a time for sandals and flip flops ...


So I decided to give my feet a spring clean.


I started with a good soak in warm water - water that I had added a few drops of:

 . Lemongrass

 . Ginger

 . Tea Tree

Essential Oils



I soaked my feet for a few minutes in the oiled water and then rubbed a cream wash on them, making sure it was all over the feet, in between each toe and in ever nook and cranny, washing them then back in the water for a few more minutes to soak.





Then with a scrapping tool, gently scrapped at the hard and dead skin


    Then Put my feet back in the water. 


Repeating this until I was happy at the softness and smoothness of the skin on my feet.


Drying both feet with a rough towel, (a rough towel helps give the feet that final exfoliation).


The next step is to use/apply a good moisturizer. 

There are so many foot products on the market it is sometimes hard to choose.




I remember that I have just exposed a new skin to the world, this new skin may be sensitive and needs breathing space to grow well, so nothing to heavily scented.


It stands to reason to use a baby moisturizer, plus this kind seem to be one of the more cost effective makes, ideally you could make your own ... though home made cream is not in everyone's creative capacity.




Then finish off by covering you feet with socks, a nice comfortable pair of socks, fluffy ones are always lovely, though just make sure they are not tight fitting socks,

socks are to comfort and protect the feet, not punish and restrict them.


Don't forget to make yourself a nice warm cup of something to relax and put you feet up with.


A recap on what you will need:-


 = Foot Bowl




 = Foot Spa


 = Water


 = Essential Oils


 = A foot Scraping Tool


 = Rough Towel


 = Moisturizer


 = Socks


I really do think our feet are something we overlook, we seem to forget their importance. 

I guess that is us humans all over - one of the most famous sayings in the world is 'You Don't Know What You've Got till It's Gone'


So I decided that it was time to treat my feet.  They are as good a place as any to start a Spring Clean.


And Now The Feet are ready to take on what ever job I ask of them.



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The Wall

Jul 1 '16

Clearing and Cleansing Of The 3 Houses...
This is an idea that the ancient ones had.
The idea is that to see the body made up of 3 houses:-
. Lower - below the waste
. A Middle - Between the Waste and Shoulders
. And an Upper - From the Shoulders Up

Colours that are found within the houses:-
. Lower = Red & Orange - also black and brown.
. Middle = Yellow & Green - also pink.
. Upper = Blue & Purple - also white, silver and gold.

You can work with these colours when clearing and cleansing the 3 houses, Your Body and Mind - which in turn will lift your spirit and lead to goodness knows where, all we know for sure is it can only be for the good.

So think of the colours in terms of food, clothing, decorations around you and your home.
Foods will help to clear & cleanse certain areas of the body and in turn will help you to gain a grip on better health.

I am not entirely sure of the length of time the ancients took to clear and cleanse each house so I have gone by my own timings ... which I hope you will find understandable at least.

So I go with this rule...

If we divide the body into 3 parts, lower, middle and upper, and we work with nature and the seasons, we can safely say it would be good to take a period of 4 months to clear and cleanse each house. There are 4 season in a year, Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall/Autumn, so it makes sense that we should stick by this.

One final thought:-
I feel it would be best for you to start this in the Spring, as that is when Spring Lambs are born and also when many feel new life is all around us, so doesn't it stand to reason that this may well be the best time for you to begin your house cleaning? Me thinks it would be

Happy Cleaning everyone

Clearing and Cleansing Of The 3 Houses...
This is an idea that the ancient ones had.
The idea is that to see the body made up of 3 hou...See more
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