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A Special Area where you can find all sorts of BOOKs! The Book Forum Has Topic Titles listed, go into that topic and you will find a GRAND library of information! FEEL Free to comment on a topic and add a favorite book, and we will add it to the main list. ENJOY!
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Meet The Admin
Welcome to... Meet the ADMINSMeet The Admin, is a place where members can come and join. Meet The Admin, is a place where you can check out the admin, get to know a little bit more about each of the admin. Members can leave comments, or any information you feel you need to.  You will...
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Learning & Adulthood
. Learning at any age can be fun. . Learning at any age can open new neurological pathways. . Are your days of learning over, the moment you turn school leaving age?. What could adult learning do for you?This group is for those adult who are interested in learning and opening up those new neuro...
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